Hi there, it's me, Katarina
Mad Cool Books Curator
Hi there, my name is Katarina Hybenova, and I created Mad Cool Books because I'm obsessed with reading and talking about books.
You can say it all started when I was six and read "Ann of Green Gables" and became totally engrossed with the world. (I almost persuaded my family to move Prince Edward Island.) Or maybe it started even earlier, before I even knew how to read, and my mom read for me every night before bed. I remember her reading "A Little Mermaid," the real, bloody, tragic version by Hans Christian Andersen, and me crying a whole freaking river into my pillow.

Every year I read 130+ books, most of which are novels, and it's my pleasure to tell you about the ones I loved the most.
In my other life, you probably know me as the founder of Bushwick Daily, which I sold in 2018. I'm also a novelist, journalist, photographer, and editorial strategy & content consultant. I'm Pisces, ENFP, and I belong to the famed house of Ravenclaw/Horned Serpent. (See, I wasn't kidding about being a nerd.)
I was born and raised in Poprad, Slovakia. I studied in Prague, Czech Republic; Leuven, Belgium, and in New York, NY. I live in Los Angeles, CA.
Now let's read together, shall we?
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